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  • Instructions

    1. Download WebKick
    2. Unpack the zip file and run mongoose's exe file (Port 80 should be available).
    3. Open your 3DS web browser on you PC's IP address.

    *MPO files are uploaded with jpg extension. To see them in 3D rename them to MPO.

  • Usage

    Inside the application's installation directory you will see a "shared" folder. This folder is used for downloads and uploads.
    Upload - Choose a file and upload it.
    Download - Choose a file from the shared folder to see
    Help - a lite version of the help
    Calculator - A full functional scientific calculator


This web application was made by me, Eli Sherer.

This program was developed under the influence of ryanttb with his hack site.

It uses the Mongoose web server and TinyPerl as a CGI interpreter.

Release Log:

v0.4 - Added two more applications: Calendar and JSConsole. Added 3DS IP in the help page.
v0.3 - changed the pages to CGI instead of JSP and now the application is stand-alone using mongoose with tinyperl. Added calculator app.
v0.2 - changed upload to com.oreilly.servlet.MultipartRequest to fix a bug.
v0.1 - first public beta release - upload and download works.